Panthera Construction is a premier residential construction company serving Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and other communities in the triangle area of North Carolina.  


Panthera sets themselves apart from other construction organizations by offering the finest general contracting services that are focused on professional project management and exemplary customer service.


Project Management

Entering into any home related project can be very intimidating if you don't fully understand what will be involved in the job and how long different tasks may take to complete.  Our project management services are designed specifically to improve your understanding of the job while also ensuring that our teams work effectively to produce the highest quality results.


Project planning and critical path analysis prior to the start of a job
Schedule and budget review ensure you understand the specific aspects of your project
Multi-vendor resource management, tracking and reporting
Identification of decisions you will be asked to make throughout the project
Regularly scheduled project status reports and reviews
Documented tracking of all issues and resolutions
Project close out session to ensure all questions or issues have been addressed


No matter how large or small your project might be, by following a professional project management approach to home improvement projects, we can achieve higher quality results with a significantly improved level of customer satisfaction.


Don't wander blindly into a project... Know the details and feel confident in your decisions.