Decks and Patios
The value of having a beautiful outdoor living space in North Carolina is something every homeowner can appreciate.  The long mild seasons give us more opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with family, friends or simply with nature.


A deck or patio can be a very simple design or one which supports a much more active outdoor lifestyle.  As with all our projects, the decision is yours but we're always there to help.


Our deck and patio designers will work with you to identify the best solution for your home and your budget.


Our deck and patio construction teams can work with a number of building materials including wood, brick, composites, vinyl, aluminum and others.  The construction methods used will far exceed any code requirements and will yield a deck or patio that looks great, holds up very well and is easy to maintain.


Patio Enclosures
Patio enclosures come in a very wide variety of shapes, sizes and functions.  The difficulty with these projects is ensuring that the enclosure complements the home and provides the living space you desire.


Our enclosures often make use of pre-fabricated components but can also be custom built as an addition to your existing home.  We work with all of the leading patio manufacturers along with a team of highly experienced carpenters to precisely implement your enclosed patio project.


Your project will begin with a in-home consultation to determine the best enclosure for your home and will generally involve additional consultation with our architects, designers and structural engineers to ensure you have an enclosure that is the absolute highest quality.


It is important that all of these factors are considered to maximize your investment and to make certain that the enclosure continues to provide comfort for years to come.


There is nothing that will give more personality to your home than the landscaping around it.  Not only does the landscape provide the desirable curb appeal, but it also impacts the views you have from every window in the house.


A proper landscape design takes into account the wide assortment of viewing angles along with changes that come from every season and every year of growth.


Our landscape designers take all of this into consideration when working with you to design a landscape and will guide you in other critical matters such as maintenance and environmental impact.


As many of our customers are concerned with the environment and would like to pursue a green landscape solution, please consider working with one of our Xeriscaping or Eco-Friendly landscape specialists.  Xeriscaping or Eco-Friendly landscaping allows for a beautiful yard that requires little or no irrigation, often doesn't require fertilizer and frequently introduces plants which are naturally pest resistant.


Note:  Some Home Owners Associations may have restrictions which restrict the use of Xeriscaping or other Eco-Friendly initiatives.


Whether choosing a fence for privacy or for safety it is important that the construction of the fence matches your property, complements your landscaping and conforms to regulations which may exist in your community.


Our fencing designers will work with you to determine the best fencing materials, construction methods and design to meet your needs.


Our team can work with a number of fence styles from simple privacy fences to custom fences that incorporate characteristics from your home or community.


As with all of our projects, we take great care to ensure the project is performed to the highest level of quality and that the fence will provide years of enjoyment.