Conceptual Design

The conceptual design of your home is what we affectionately refer to as the "Inside, Outside, Upside-Down" phase.  While a bit corny, it does convey the areas that we need to address when working to capture your concept of a perfect home


Architecture Design

Custom home construction and renovation is the foundation of our business.  For this reason, we are always eager to work with your Architect or to introduce you to one of ours.  It is incredibly important that a full set of designs are available prior to the project planning phase so that every aspect of the home can be considered.  It is also a great time for our staff to review the design and for the architects to respond to any questions that may not be 100% clear on the drawings.


Interior Design

Very few homeowners enter into a new home project with an exact vision of what the home will look like.  For the rest of us, the assistance of a great interior designer is often the most valuable investment you can make in your new home.  Quite often, good interior design can actually save money that may be spent on the construction by identifying the features which are really important and perhaps removing features which are not.  Panthera is proud to work with a number of Interior Designers that specialize in a wide range of home designs.  If you let us know the general look you're seeking, we can recommend a good Designer and work with them to keep your vision (and budget) in line.


Advanced Technologies

Today's home is not simply four walls and a ceiling as it may have been in the past.  Current technology plays a key role in how much you enjoy your home and how much your home can make your life easier.  By leveraging our background in technology and partnering with major home automation organizations, Panthera can guide you though designing a home that truly suits your needs.



The Construction Process

The following list is intended to provide some insight into the multitude of steps it will take to complete your new home construction project. This list is not intended to be complete and may contain items which are not relevant to certain homes.  It is the coordination of these tasks which separates Panthera from other, less organized, General Contractors.  With proper planning and project management you home is built on schedule but without the last minute rushing that can dramatically impact the quality of your home.